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Thursday, January 04, 2007


I don't know how not to come across preachy or self-righteous and it's so not my intent, but I just have to say this.
I remember feeling completely frustrated and helpless 2 Christmases ago when the Tsunami hit. The hot topic of the season, I must've discussed it with every person I came in contact with. We talked about volunteering, going to Phuket to help physically, maybe pack aid packages at the Red Cross, or make a donation, but I'm disgusted to say I ended up doing absolutely nothing at all.
Since then, I've travelled across the half the globe - Iran, India, Thailand, Cambodia, China, pondering this quote all the while and wondering if I haven't done enough, if I haven't done anything at all, even. Am I making a difference at all for all the trips I've made, the places I've been? You see enough disaster victims, poverty and disease, you become numb. Shouldn't I be feeling worse? Then again, should I even feel bad for feeling numb? But then again, feeling guilty and thinking lots doesn't exactly accomplish anything either.
Then Katarina hit, then the Pakistan Earthquake, then Typhoon Durian across Vietnam and Philippines...
Emotions and talk are cheap without something to back them up, so I reckon I'll shut up, right after I say one more thing: Take Action - however you can, wherever you can, in whatever capacity you can.

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