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Saturday, November 11, 2006


Woe is... Committing a social faux pas of stratospheric proportions. Something I've heard happen to other unfortunate noobheads, but never thought it would me, until tonight...

  • Meet ex-colleague haven't seen in years.
  • Have good old natter about work.
  • She, "Let's meet up soon for drinks!"
  • Me, "Are you sure you should be drinking?" (as I pat her tummy)
  • The universe and all its inhabitants shriek maniacally, as her face turns various shades of rainbow and I feel the palpable reverberations of her outrage.
  • She, "I'll give you a head start, I'm reaching for my shoe..." She says only half-jokingly.
  • I dissolve into a large, pathetic puddle of humiliation at her feet.
  • But we all know in these situations, no amount of spluttering and squawking and explaining can save a conversational train wreck like this.
  • But in my defence, I didn't insinuate she looked fat. I did what I did and said what I said because I distinctly remember another colleague telling me she was preggers. Except (only now, with hindsight, do I remember) this was 2 years ago and I have no concept of time or space. Or decorum, for that matter.

  • Therefore, henceforth, you may address me as Her Highness, Grand Poohbah of all Schmuckstresses.

    Bliss is... Coming home after a loooong day of work to discover a Bond movie marathon on cable. Earlier: Dr. No. Now on: From Russia with Love. Later: Goldfinger. They're showing 'em in chronological order - Waaaheey! I foresee a sleepless night of bondage with Sean Connery... Tee hee.


    AND I LURRVES THIS TRIBUTE VIDEO by le Scissor Sisters:

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