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Sunday, October 08, 2006

The World Is Made Up of Only Two Kinds

Caught the creepy-cute feature-length documentary My Date with Drew on cable and was completely reeled in - couldn't stop watching. An average joe films his mission to bag a date with Drew Barrymore. The catch, he has $1,100 and 30 days to do it. The money, he won on a TV game show and the time frame, the number of days in the money-back guarantee of his video cam.
Countless deliciously cheesy 80's movie references aside, I knew sticking out the movie till its end was so worth it when the guy revealed that in his world, there are only 2 kinds of people and he judges them accordingly. Mock if you will, but after cackling uncontrollably to myself, I realised I agree with him.
Yes, how lovely! My world, too, is made up of only 2 kinds of people - those who love Grease 2 and those who don't. It gave me a little thrill when I discovered that Ms Barrymore loves Grease 2 too! OMG!!! Does that make me a stalker?! But seriously, I never met a person who loves Grease 2 that I didn't like.
Although I may have to draw the line at guys who sing Cool Rider to calm themselves down.


22 Oct update: P. says even so, no wonder I don't have a boyfriend. Bah.

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