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Sunday, October 15, 2006

I Wouldn't Call My Family Melodramatic II

The aunt and uncle from Down Under are having a raucous, champagne-fuelled mid-afternoon family fiesta with the rest of us when G pulls me conspicuously into the kitchen to tell me how frustrated she was about something she misplaced earlier.

As she starts talking, I hear the aunties whispering outside, before one of them bursts through the door in typical kaypoh-chee-fashion and asks in a conspiratorial tone, "What? What? What? What secrets are you two whispering about?"

We stare blankly.

"Why? Guy trouble issit?" She continues in a loud whisper.

Slightly annoyed, and in the same loud whisper, G. says, "Yah. Don't tell my mom, but I'm dating a married man."

"Hah? Really, ah? It's OK what, as long as he treats you well," she continues, trying hard to be the cool auntie.

I can't resist chipping in, "Yah, and he's got three kids. G's gonna be a stepmom!"

We move this loudly whispered conversation outside for the benefit of our other nosy relatives, where the attention suddenly turns to me.

"So G's dating a married man, what about YOOOOUUUU??!"

"Me? I'm engaged... I'm getting married to a cocker spaniel."

Spare me the female dog jokes, please.

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