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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Physics is Pretty... Or is it Math?

Taking a breather from the innard inventory and making the world wide web a more beautiful place, via the always purdy JellyGirl.

Make a gorgeous graph of your own & watch it unfurl prettily before your very eyes, using something called an HTML graph applet!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Suffer Little Children

Light a Candle for the Innocent Victims of Child Abuse

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Multiples! Personalities! Disorders!

Help! The B-movie bacteria are attacking my brain...
AIEEEEEE... IQ point suckage....

Why else would she sit home alone on a Friday night watching Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid & Blade: Trinity? Ever notice how most movies with a " : " proceeding the title is usually a B-grade sequel?


OK, fine. Melodrama over. Brainless movies require brainless viewing activities... I feel, like, so 13-years-old right now!

Star Wars Personality: Princess Leia Organa

"This is some rescue. When you came in here, did you have a plan for getting out?" Technically you're a princess, but there's nothing dainty about you. When your royal blood runs hot, you speak your mind and tell it like it is. Only a true leader would have the courage to stand up to an enemy as ruthless as Darth Vader, and like Leia, your strength lies between your ears (although you're never afraid to go head-to-head with the boys).
You are the type of person who fights for their causes. You are a defender of the downtrodden and an inspiration to all those who have been oppressed. You may come off as a little headstrong and cocky, but how else could you pull off the "ear-muff" hairdo?

a) What Kind of Server: Dynamic Bartender

Hey there, bartender, is it any wonder people love to open up to you and ask your opinion? You've got the most dynamic personality around. Whether you need to give sage advice to a broken heart or mix things up, you've got the imagination, wit, and heart to do it all.
You're as happy as can be when you're the center of attention, with everyone calling your name. People, action, new experiences — you crave to enjoy the world around you and learn as much as you can. We'll take another round!

b) Comfort Cocktail: Southern Manhattan

Just like SoHo and the West Village of NYC, your charm and sophistication go unmatched. It seems that you've got that incredible sense of style and the cultural know-how that inevitably impress everyone with whom you come in contact. It's called "class," and you've got a ton of it. What's even better is that you've managed to achieve this level of understated elegance without even a tad of arrogance.
You're extremely warm, open, and approachable — which makes you all the more irresistible! People might be intimidated because you definitely are the "whole package," but once they get to know you, they quickly realize that you're just as nice as you are cool. So maybe it's time to try a cocktail that suits your sophistication.

Signature city: New York

Whether you like to have lots of options at your fingertips or you like to be in a metropolitan environment that's buzzing with energy, the Big Apple is the perfect place for you. Maybe you like to mix and mingle at some of the edgiest restaurants, shops, and clubs in the world. Or maybe you like to be in the middle of it all — in the bright lights and big city.
One night could be dinner and a show on Broadway, a stroll through Central Park the next, or a trip to the Met the next. From Grand Central Station to Greenwich Village, New York's got some of the biggest and edgiest things to see and do anywhere in the world. No wonder a trendsetter like you would be right at home in the Big Apple.

Which Friend from "Friends": Rachel

She's everybody's sweetheart, despite some (mostly) endearing quirks. And it looks like you too, have a little Rachel Green inside you. (If you're lucky, you might share her good looks too). Some may see you as a little spoiled, or at times naive. But overall you're a total doll. Like the real Rachel, you make your way in the world, figuring it out as you go.
Sometimes your story-book ideals of how things should turn out keep you from taking life as it comes, but that lovable vulnerability just makes people feel closer to you. You have true compassion, an idiosyncratic side your friends delight in—and, of course, great taste. Reminder, o charming one: People love it when you call them "hun."

Celebrity love matches (It's a toss-up between):
a) Dylan McDermott

Order in the court! Yeah, we mean you. We know it's exciting that Practice hottie Dylan McDermott is your celebrity match, but for heaven's sake, calm down. After all, the TV lawyer may be tall, dark, handsome, smart, suave... Actually, on second thought, woo hoo! Celebrate all you want; this brainy babe (and ex-fiancé of Julia Roberts) is exactly the right kind of guy for you — you love men who sweep you off your feet with their words, not just their biceps. We can just picture the two of you on a date: candlelight, a vintage wine, a deep discussion about literature or foreign film. Definitely swoon-worthy. He may be married (and a daddy!) in real life, but in the TV show in your head, we the jury find that this bright East Coast hunk is all yours.

b) Brad Pitt

We can hear your heart fluttering from here. Yes, it's true — Hollywood golden boy Brad Pitt is your celebrity dream date. This outrageously handsome, disarmingly sexy Missouri-raised cutie may have had Jennifer Aniston and now Angelina Jolie, but that doesn't mean you can't daydream about a passionate affair. After all, your preference for sensitive, romantically boyish guys means Mr. Sexiest Man Alive (according to People in 1995 and 2000, that is) is right up your alley. We can just tell that his athletic build and clean-cut charm are matched only by his desire to keep you satisfied (look what he did for Geena Davis in Thelma and Louise!). Sure, he dressed up as a giant chicken to make money when he first moved to L.A., but that smidge of goofiness intrigues you, doesn't it? We can just picture a perfect date between the two of you. Imagine a night at the drive-in: one milkshake, two straws. Need we say more?

Monster Match: Mummy

You've been dead for 3000 years, but you are still the life of the party because your monster match is the mummy. Has anyone ever told you that you look sharp in linen, and white is definitely your color? From head to toe, you are the best dressed of the zombie clan. You throw the best parties this side of the Nile, whether you rented out a suite at the Luxor or you're just chilling in your tomb, you know how to unwind and have a good time.
You put the "Rahhh" back in Rock and Roll and forget hip-hop, you're the original wrap artist. But mummies, you may need to get outside more. You could use some sun and that sarcophagus is starting get a little stuffy. Go for a walk (like an Egyptian) or maybe even a jog. It's important to have an outlet so life's details don't bury you alive.

Dog: Pug

No bones about it, you're an intelligent, playful Pug. Witty and charming, you're a lot of dog wrapped in a small package. People just love you — a wonderful approachability and sense of humor put you at the top of everyone's list. And because you're smart and quick-witted, you attract a crowd wherever you go. (Have you ever considered running for office or starting a company? You've got the charisma for either.) But that doesn't mean you can't be a little naughty or mischievous when opportunity knocks — you've definitely got a nose for fun! A happy, optimistic breed, you're admired and respected by all. Woof!

Vehicle: Convertible

Ooo wee! You've got the wind in your hair, the sun on your face, and anyone with two eyes wishing they could nestle into your passenger seat. You're all about top-down, Convertible fun. We're thinking '69 Mustang, '64 Corvette, or Mazda Miata, in cherry red, of course. The car for you embodies youth, freedom, and summertime excitement. You've got a wild outlook on life and are always game for a good time. Since you're comfortable being the center of attention, you zip around town looking sleek and fresh, stealing flirty glances from your rearview mirror. Being so sexy and open, you attract friends, love interests, and joy riders wherever you go. It's no surprise if some hot number pulls alongside to challenge you to a little drag down Lovers Lane. You're the classic party mobile so crank up the music and hit the open road.

Theme Song: Funky Town

Bold, outrageous, and unafraid to ham it up. Like your signature song, you're upbeat and tons of fun. When it comes to having a good time, your imagination knows no limits. Whether you're out on the town or at home with friends, you can be counted on to be the ringleader.
People are drawn to your lightheartedness and offbeat sense of humor. You're not one to take life too seriously, and that's why you're such a hoot to be around. Not to mention, you always manage to keep people guessing what you'll do next. Stay funky!
woot-woot! blast from the past!

Movie Match: Groundbreaking Documentary

If you think documentaries are boring, think again. Like your movie match, you're an intelligent individual who makes people think. Documentaries span all sorts of topics, from the trivial to the profound. Perhaps your interests do the same, but one thing's clear — you're a smarty and you like to learn.
We'd guess you're the person at the dinner table or the water cooler who stirs up lively debates about the latest news or tidbits from the Discovery Channel. Part of you probably gets a kick out of creating controversy and getting people fired up about their beliefs. Another part probably likes opening people's eyes and sharing your thoughts. And for that, you get two thumbs up for trying to get to the bottom of things and making waves!

Hollywood Blonde: Gwen Stefani

From performing songs to designing her own clothing line, Gwen Stefani has never been a girl who just blends in. Like her, you're an original who's got your unique style that makes you stand out from the crowd. Even if you don't feel the pull of platinum, you know that you're a true individual with a flare for getting noticed — and staying in the spotlight.
Strong and sassy, you know who you are and enjoy expressing yourself — whether through music, fashion, or simply with your creative take on life. You'll never be just a girl — unless of course we're talking It Girl.


I am, like, so cool and popular and IT right now! Ya-huh...
I have to go twirl my hair now... Buh-bye!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Often Licked, Never Beaten

Caviar today, Crusts tomorrow. Champagne today, Vinegar tomorrow is what I wrote before. It's OK. Everything's going to be OK. And when it doesn't feel that way, I breathe deep and look up.

Even though what I really want to do is hunt down another block of cheese and scarf it.

Actually, I don't have a sense of needing anything personally. I've learned by now to be quite content whatever my circumstances. I'm just as happy with little as with much, with much as with little. I've found the recipe for being happy whether full or hungry, hands full or hands empty. Whatever I have, wherever I am, I can make it through anything in the One who makes me who I am.
Philippians 4:11-13/ The Message