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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hit By A Tai-taidal Wave

i feel preettee... oh so preetteeeee...

I remember 13 weeks into my life on the road, I had the freaky chance of having a hot shower at a posh hotel in the heart of Bangkok. After 2 weeks of cold bucket baths, it was too much.
Rows of L'occitane products beckoned, recalling for me a distant past of spa weekends, luxury toiletries and weekly mani-pedis. Standing under the powerful jet of hot water, I cried, bewildered at this sudden and shocking display of emotion. Part grateful elation, part abject shame, I cried. Because of a hot shower.

As the end of my third week home draws near, I feel like crying again. But the tears won't come.
I'm getting used to the clash of feelings - I can eat caviar one day and crusts the next. Sip champagne today, drink vinegar tomorrow. It's ok. It's ok to go from the lack of to the surfeit of luxury. IT'S OK.

Being home is a curious thing. Everything is so familiar, but I can hardly recognise it. And yet as easy as a desperate hooker, I put on the old life once again. Calls this to mind. Maybe I'm being melodramatic, but these 2 things make me struggle (even though they happened quite by accident):

1. 2 hours at the salon getting scalp expertly massaged, hair expertly washed and conditioned then coifed. And I only happened to be there to keep stunning bride S. company, whilst she got hers done. But it was soooo much fun!

2. 2 hours at Sage & Sole getting fingers & toes descaled, detoxed and expertly dipped in the divine Hazel (neon mango) & Stephanie (shimmery midnight blue) polishes by Christina Fitzgerald. And I also only happened to be there to keep the purty Ms P. company, whilst she got hers done. But it was, like, soooooo much fun! Soooooo muuuuuuccchhh Decadant fuuuunnnnnn!

Arrrggghhh... Was not planning on returning to the life of a pampered Miss with Taitai aspirations. Will I ever be ok with who I am?

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