Take a Deetour

"I write to find out what I think." - Joan Didion

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Holy Cow! Holey Possum!

So here I am finally back in civilisation and it's weird.

Toilets that flush?! Showers that aren't from a bucket? Running hot water? Zero degree temperatures as opposed to sweltering tropical heat? Starbucks and wireless internet? Laptop and cell phone?

My body and mind almost can't handle the sensory overload!

Here's what the last week's been like:

Thursday 29 June: Dusty dirt roads and random neighbourhood cows in Bangalore, India.

Sunday 2 July: Proper tarmac and possum roadkill in Mata Mata, New Zealand.

It's winter! There's frost! I love it!

Pretty, naked trees everywhere and clear blue skies. Did I mention I love winter?

Back to the grind, working with local Maori kids.

I love these scamps! And they love hip hop - a random afternoon dance party...

Oh, and I turned 31 on July 3rd. Yay me. Thirty-something zone? We have penetration!