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Monday, February 13, 2006


I'm Going!
I'm Going!
I'm Going!

New Zealand looms... I leave in less than two weeks & six months of my life hangs in the balance.

Why is it when you want something soooo much, you totally don't want it when you finally get it?

Humour hasn't eluded us yet, though.

Breaking the news to D, he remarks sarkily: Wah, so you're going to the countryside to learn about Jesus??!

Me: Hahahaha, if you want to put it that way (I call it a spiritual/ humanitarian retreat - everybody needs a timeout for soul food).

D: So how? You gonna come back a nun?

Me: Whaaat?! Protestants don't become nuns.

D: Ok, a Pastor then.

Me: ???

D: Although with you going to New Zealand, you'll probably come back a Pasture!

To quote JG, "MEH!"

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