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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Your Wobbly Bits Will Thank Me...

Uh-huh-huh... Thank you, thank you very much...

... actually, they'll thank Miss S. who sent some post-seasonal-binge cheer by way of this article from Oz paper, The Age.

In a nutshell, scientists in Bristol, England have discovered that fat people are happier than skinny ones.

Love the closer:
"If there really is a direct correlation between body mass index and mental health, when, exactly, are we going to start charging skinny people for their own Prozac? Huh?"

Then reality sinks in... I'm beginning to think I may need some of that Prozac! Am ashamed to admit am full of self-loathing over enormous weight-gain.

I submit Exhibit A (snapped during vigorous New Year's Eve Charades) as incriminating evidence:

caution: wide girth and dangerous overhang

Where's the fat-induced happiness the article talks about? Or maybe fatties SEEM cheerful to overcompensate for what they really feel inside (awww... group hug, please).

Or maybe Day #1 of my self-imposed carb-free South Beach Diet (I know, I'm a traitor to the fat-is-fabulous cause) has garbled not only my brain, but my insides too. Feel the need to hold-up the Macky D'S drive-thru RIGHT NOW!!

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