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Monday, January 02, 2006

Year-end Round-up

What goes around come around, eh? I've been robbed, so I'm gonna do the same - sorry, JG! In honour of JG's birthday excesses, a smashing New Year's Eve and a not-so-smashing New Year, here's my version:

JG's Birthday (Part 1 aka Puke Fest Redrink) 28.12.2005 Wed
With: Friends who love a tipple
Where: P's place
Ate Drank: Cosmos, chocolate martinis, A LOT of Heineken chased with K's supreme take on Angel's Kisses (he used Frangelico, Kahlua and Rum or something - YUM!), 1 Flaming Jedi (Sambucca, Chartreuse, Tobasco - lit, downed then inhaled).
Got Gave: An ownself-decorated Edward Monkton Beautiful Frock card to the birthday girl.
Saw: All the non-smokers fall asleep one-by-one, leaving only me awake, whilst the cancer-stickers went outside for a marathon puff.
Best: Those YUMMMAAY beer chasers.
Worst: Singing O Holy Night and Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered acapella to the rowdy tipplers and hearing my voice crackle and rasp.

JG's Birthday (Part 2) 30.12.2005 Fri
With: As above
Where: Loof bar & Zouk
Ate Drank: 3 Beers (recovering from Wed's spontaneous soiree)
Got Gave: Items 2 & 3 from JG's Christmas wishlist, a lethal drink bought for JG by the water polo team.
Saw: A topless guy barfing his guts out in the VIP area - how glamorous!
Best: Celebrating with JG at a bar I'd never been to and taking silly shadow pictures (see left).
Worst: Having to leave early because of work next morning.

New Year 31.12.2005/ 01.01.2006 Sat/ Sun
With: Ditto
Where: Tea party with JC friends at home & Suite at The Oriental later that night
Got: Earrings from K who just got back from Sydney AND lucky at Charades (my team won both rounds).
Ate: Everything and anything I wanted. At tea party, snarfed 5 tuna-potato croquettes, homemade lemon pound cake, cookies, chocs and copious amounts of tea. Later, shared room service - 2 lots of fries, a huge, fully loaded burger (bacon, cheese, fried egg, mushrooms), Mulligatawny soup, clam chowder, bacon-wrapped cod, beef kofta. Countless chocolates. Next day - Enormous Portobello mushroom burger from Carl's, 2 lots of fried zucchini and chicken strips. And an iced Hazelnut latte from Starbucks.
Drank: Kahlua lime, Choc martini, K's super duper Colorado Bulldogs, more Lady Grey Tea.
Saw: Mean Girls on DVD at 4 in the morning.
Best: Fireworks light up the midnight sky (we made the elevator ride down 14 floors - along with the rest of the hotel's guests - to watch from the hotel driveway) and playing 2 rounds of California Kings, the card/drinking game K taught us.
Worst: (Sob!) Stupidly leaving my overnight bag on my car bonnet after checking out, forgetting it was there, going off to catch King Kong and then realising the bag had been knicked only when I was almost home. Lost my favourite warehouse sequined capelet, my entire Samsonite toiletries case and makeup bag. Plus my favouritest pajamas! Fie on the horrid thief - I hope my stinky undies were a nice surprise. Bah. Did I mention the nasty cold I woke up with the morning after? Double Bah.

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