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Thursday, January 19, 2006


I'm so glad to be working with S. again, my constant, my twin, my mirror image and yet, also my total 损友 - friend who's bad for you.
Case in point, our msn conversation tonight.

S: OK, that's it, I'm having a beer.

Me: Arrggh, don't tempt me.

S: Come on, you know you want to...

Me: Stoppit! You know I can't.

S: Yes, you can... Come on, the beer is calling your name... Sssssssss.

Me: Don't lah, you know my cellar is just a few steps away.

S: Come on! It's calling out to you, drink me... Sssssssss...

Me: Ssssssss?! Is that a beer or a snake?

S: Sssssss... It's the sound of a beer can being opened.

Me: Sssssss?! That's a beer can?! I thought they went Pfffffft.

S: I dunno what kind of beer you drink, but mine goes Sssssss! I drink Tiger.

Me (going for the obvious): In that case, shouldn't it be going Rawwwrr?

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