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Friday, January 06, 2006

Cold Creativity

After having my overnight bag along with all my favourite things knicked on New Year's Day, a fine cherry to top off my auspicious start to 2006 must be the lousy cold I've been tolerating all week.

My ears are blocked, my nose is blocked and wait - my right ear is squeaking. SQUEAKING! IT IS!!! Should I feed it some cheese or something? Must be all the pressure building up in there. Now if my eyeballs explode from it, that would truly be a spectacular start to the new year!

But I digress. I'm here again to lay down proof of my supreme narcissism and inexplicable obsession with documentation for posterity (actually, sod the future generations, I want to come back here 20 years from now and laugh at myself. Assuming 20 years from now blogs and the internet still exist. Maybe by then all humanity will communicate telepathically through micro chips implanted in their foreheads. Who knows?!).

ANYWAY. Am still feeling extremely gulty for being a lousy, ingrate of a daughter to lovely parents who are probably now wondering who this changeling living in their house is. I'll admit it. Instead of smiling sweetly and thanking the parental units, I kicked up a big stink about not getting the exact iPod Nano I wanted for Christmas.

Want: Black, 4GB.
Got: White, 2GB.

My cheeks burn thinking how immature I can be. My 3 year old niece probably has more sense than me. OK, no, she's a demanding little wenchlet, but STILL.

So after a week of ignoring the offending present sitting on my dresser, I finally opened it up on Monday, thanked mom and dad and started syncing it with itunes on my mac. I shall reserve judgements on my brand-new piece of white plastic for now.

You may be wondering where this is all going. I dunno. The mucus is eating away my brain. Wait. Focus. Er... Yes! So in my bid to make amends (though I'm not sure how it does), I decided to make something beautiful out of the whole ugly mess I created.

Ladies & Gents, when in doubt, SEW!

I made a pretty case to encapsulate the object of my guilt. As if this concoction of felt and thread can make it all go away. The state of suspended reality I live in.

How incredibly girly of me, but here it is:




And now someone wants me to make more to sell! Should I? I shall leave decision-making till the mucus has subsided.

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So preettee! You must make more!


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