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Friday, December 30, 2005

These are a Few of My Favourite Things

OK, I was in a foul mood yesterday. Couldn't stop eating. Then couldn't stop burping. But today, there's no reason to be a grumpy b*tch, so I'm going to be thankful for a wonderful (albeit filling) Christmas and wonderful people who showered me with wonderful gifts.

Front Row (L-R): Accessorize Make-Your-Own-Corsage Kit; gorgeous Agate and Jade Earrings from Mudan in Far East Plaza; special bangles from Miss S's trip to India; iPod NANO (finally!!!! from generous parents); Bobbi Brown pink shimmer brick compact; pretty tea mug with strainer from JellyGirl.

Middle Row (L-R): Leather and suede covered butterfly notebook from Giftica in Sydney; Miso Pretty Gift Set; hand-made turquoise & silver earrings; Miso Pretty Body Wash; Luxe Shanghai City Guide; hand-made gold & green earrings; Living Language Spanish : Daily Phrase & Culture 2006 Day to Day Calendar.

Back Row (L-R): The Fabulous Fairy Pack (fluffy pink magic wand included!); SEI boxed album kit.

But my favourite thing this Christmas? Being in a pretty good place, spiritually.

"The more we give away, the richer we become, and the more we keep for ourselves, the poorer we become. That's the mystery of generosity, neither more nor less. But it's the mystery of poverty, too... All those who lay up for themselves treasures on earth will be poor one day, but those who have given away all they possess will never be poor. Besides, they have had great fun... For the greatest joy on earth is generosity."
"That may be so," said Elisabet, "but first you must own something to give away."
At that the good-natured Bishop laughed so violently that his whole body shook...
"Not at all... You needn't own anything at all to feel generosity fizzing in your veins. A little smile is enough, or something you've made yourself."
~ St Nicholas, Bishop of Myra (The Christmas Mystery/ Jostein Gaarder)

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