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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Wing... Wing a Wong...

"Things move on, D, things move on," he said.

And he's tritely right.

The magic slideshow of tragedy-mirth-tragedy-mirth clicks away and we oscillate between sobs and laughs.

Sometimes both.

Always the limbo queen, I found myself exactly there, stuck in the middle, last night.

4 Asahis later and feeling no pain, I mentioned to Mr T what Mr E had playing in his car on the way to Wala. An absurd, ridiculous, delicious combination of two incongruous ingredients - This Little Old Lady sings ACDC (amongst others)! Sheeeeeeee's WIIING!

T: Who?

Me: Wing!

T: What?

Me: WING! She's a little old lady from Hong Kong who lives in New Zealand & records covers by famous musicians! She rocks! Wing!

T: Okaaay... I guess her albums really took flight, huh?!

Me: Grrrrrrrrr...

T: Come on, we're birds of a feather!

Me: Grrrrrrrr...

T: OK, OK, that was a chirp shot.

Me: GRRRRRR... Why must you tweet me this way?!

T: Wahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Me: Wahahahahahahahahahahaha!


Me: Hey, no one else is laughing.

T: That's 'cos it was only a mynah joke.

Me: Squeeheeheeheeheeheehee!

T: Rawrhahahahahahahahahhahahahaha!

Yes, so we get pushed along by bouts of contrast. Yesterday, tragedy; today, mirth. And I am grateful for it.


Random Thoughts:

  • Do you think Wing's favourite poem is this one by Maya Angelou?

  • Time heals... Life moves on... Cliches, Schmliches... Solomon Short tells it as it is.

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    At 3:06 pm, Blogger JellyGirl said...

    Positively trilling!

    At 6:31 pm, Anonymous Sham said...

    This is another great poem from Maya - my fav:

    Wing is another story altogether...


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