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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Welcome to the Hideously Embarrassing Family, Kiddo!

Dear nephew, barely 2 days old and lookee, your very own piece of virtual real estate! Featuring YOU in all your naked newborn glory, too! Aren't you a lucky boy, yes you are!

See, stick with me and it'll be champagne dreams & caviar wishes all the way with Auntie D, baby! I got dibs on grilling your future girlfriends and showing off nekkid baby pictures of you to complete strangers, by the way.

This is your heritage and my legacy to you. After enduring years of much the same, plus the *bonus* retelling of THE STORY THAT WON'T DIE (i.e. my close encounters with a potty full of poo), it's only fair that Auntie D upholds this glittering family tradition. There's soooo much to look forward to, no? Oh yes, there is, baby! Koochikoochikoo...


P.S. I still love you even though your dad decided to name you... Sorry, I need time, I'll get back to this when I'm all recovered from the shock. But rest assured, a lot of thought went into your name. But of course your dad won out in the end. Hmpf!

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