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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Spot the Traumatized NDP* Commentators

Repetitive Stress Injury.

Call me a hyperchondriac hypochondriac, but I'm so sure that's what I've been suffering from. Hand-wise and heart-wise, I suppose.

Physically, the ache from finger to elbow has been enough to make me stay away from my beloved i-book, but what does one write when one feels so affected by the events that have come to pass?

And a sort of overwhelming paralysis has taken over.

So as usual, instead of dwelling on the immediate and present, which bores me and scares me, I shall totally waste everyone's (including mine) time by transcribing an actual MSN Messenger conversation I had a little while ago, just after I'd done the huge (and on-going) clean up.

This incessant need to clean and clear all the clutter from the rooms in my house - I guess you could call it a need to clear the old mental cobwebs. Rawrrrr! Does that sound schmaltzy & cliched? I HATE schmaltzy & cliched! Which probably means I AM schmaltzy & cliched!!! Make that schmaltzy & cliched AND Queen of Finding-Ridiculous-Stuff-on-the-Internet!

Anyways, back to the MSN Messenger transcription...

D says: (3:47:39 AM)
   back to my work crap, i discoverd a lot of your crap too! also, pictures of when we were all thinner and younger!

T says: (3:48:35 AM)
   heheh i wanna see

D says: (3:48:51 AM)
   and the first b-day card i got from u and P. for my (gasp!) 25th bday!

T says: (3:48:57 AM)
   oh my god

T says: (3:49:05 AM)
   u were so old then

D says: (3:49:17 AM)

T says: (3:49:18 AM)
   that makes me even older now that i'm older than u were then

D says: (3:49:29 AM)

T says: (3:49:45 AM)
   heee. yeah we had some fun times

D says: (3:50:57 AM)
   and not so fun ones... I just tossed a giant bag full of NDP* 2000 crap!

T says: (3:51:14 AM)
   holy cow i almost forgot bout that

D says: (3:54:32 AM)
   glamour and glitz seems to have been your fave phrase then. noob head!

T says: (3:54:49 AM)
   i've since learnt never to use that again

T says: (3:54:59 AM)
   along with pagentry and pomp

T says: (3:55:09 AM)
   joy and jubilatiion
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

And now, D adds:
how bout DUMB & DUMBER...

Owww. My wrist really hurts. Ok, that does it. I'm calling it a night. RSI is not in my head. Repeat: IS NOT IN MY HEAD! Is in my hand.

*NDP = National Day Parade, otherwise known as the televised event no one I know watches.

Deetourguide - slave to the system. Gahmen say must do, so I do!

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