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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Stuff Between the Ears

Silence on the blog front can only mean one thing.

Heavy things press on my puny mind. This heaviness I ponder will take a while longer for me to carry, but hopefully all will end in smiles. Decisions, decisions. Fickle me needs to focus and act. No one's gonna hold my hand or tell me what to do.

So while very untrivial things occupy the space between my ears, I can only write of very trivial things.
Like how I went into HMV looking for ONE CD, couldn't find it, and somehow FIVE others ended up in my bag (after I paid for them - what were you thinking?!).


click on cds for info - go on, do!

Bonus! While @ a recording session, the generous Mr A of UM bestowed me with the delectable Jack Johnson's new CD (see detours du jour in sidebar). Perfect pondering music, tho' one is suddenly overcome with ideas to run away to Hawaii and sit in a hut while the rain falls down outside. Don't ask.

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At 11:36 pm, Blogger yummymumster said...

The stuff between your ears is all good.
Thank you for letting me hold your hand and allowing me to influence your decision. I think I only told you what you already knew. Just needed to get the extra push. Remember, you owe explanations to nobody but yourself.
Eye on the ball, and I think I'm one step closer to being in the running for Eulogy Reading!!
Thanks once again for somehow being part of a really blessed, amazing day. (details on my blog!)
PS. your CD choices can only mean one thing...you are a true diva!!


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