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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Meat Market

Once a playa, always a playa, baby.

Eating dinner @ Carl's Jr tonight, G spotted her best friend's brother who came over for a chat. He makes us both laugh with his cheesy sleaze. Or is it sleazy cheese?

This is the same fella who, on our first ever meeting, described some hot ass he'd seen at some nightspot and finished it all off by quoting Jay-Z, "Can I get a What What", complete with ass spanking hand actions and a wink.

Who on earth is this oozing slab of smarm?! I thought to myself. Thereafter, G. kept Mr Smarmy-pants at bay from me by threatening bodily harm (to him, of course, not me).

So fast forward 4 years later, we meet him again at the double juicy, beef cakey, Mother of all Cooked Meat Merchants and I think, How Appropriate.

G (to Smarmy-pants): Eh, you've lost weight, ah?

SP (complete with pelvic thrusting action): Actually, I put on weight cos' I broke up with my girlfriend lah, so no more gerder-bak gerder-bom*, know what I'm saying?

Me (to myself): I'll give you gerder-bak gerder-bom, you male slut-monkey!

* read it quickly - it's more onomatopoeic than anything else!

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