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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

It's Not Just a Trifle, It's Serious!

Look what I made! P, R & lovely new friend, K came over for dinner tonight. Missing B's magic piano fingers, we couldn't actually rehearse anything afterall, but the evening was not entirely a waste.

We had a gut-stuffingly good time and finished the meal off with trifle, served up in individual glasses. I think they look pretty impressive, but taste-wise, nobody can beat JellyGirl.

She is a dessert diva who feeds our tummies after our souls are fed (heh - we meet & eat at bible study, what!) and you need to read this and this to understand why I'm obsessed with making trifles!

JG, thank you for being my makan muse!

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At 9:35 am, Blogger JellyGirl said...

Aww you are too kind, you are most welcome! Your trifle looks sooo yummy I want to eat up my screen right now!!

At 1:18 am, Blogger Skrat said...

that looks so gorgeous!! Eh, how come didnt share ah? Yeah, there seem to be some strawberry motif going on even a fellow blogger from NY also did something with strawberries! Well done babe!


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