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Saturday, October 01, 2005


Why it happens, I'm not quite sure, but mischief and misfortune seem to follow me round, hiding behind a potted plant till the very right time (for them, worst for me) to attack.

After a lovely time at Quidam and post-dinner drinks/ snacks at the Intercontinental, I waved a cheery buhbye to the girls and tottered off on my skyscraper-high Office rainbow wedges in the direction of the National Library.

How cunning , how clever of me, I thought to myself, to park there to avoid the massive queue into Parco Bugis. Then I realised the National Library was on total lockdown. It was shut tight. Uh-oh.

How do I get to the car park? Ah... I'll just walk round and down the ramp at the entrance.

So off I tottered, got lost, circled the perimeter of the library several times, got my feet lacerated by pretty but killer heels, then finally conceded defeat. The entrance to the carpark was locked too, by a set of ultra strong metal roll-downs.

Who's feeling cunning and clever now???!!!

Proverbial tail between my legs, I flagged a cab. The car would have to have its first sleep over.

In the cab yakking nineteen to the dozen with G. about the sudden slew of job options, the things I need to do, all my reservations, etc, etc, I finally got home 45 mins and $24 later. Before I got out, the taxi driver said to me, "Sounds like you are doing a lot for a lot of people, got no time for yourself." He said this twice, handed me the change and drove off.

I was gobsmacked.

Then later on, I accidentally dropped my favourite black eye-liner into the toilet bowl and flushed it before I realised what I was doing.


The cherry on the cake? Now I don't believe AT ALL, but 2 days ago when G. was reading P & me our horoscope according to 8 Days, we all couldn't help but laugh:

You're full of good ideas, but for WHOM? And for WHAT?!

Makes sense though. And good questions to ask myself.

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At 10:01 pm, Blogger Skrat said...

Oh no....didnt know that your day was more tragic than mine....thanks for the rescue even more babe!!

At 4:51 am, Blogger Deetourguide said...

Skrat dear, this wasn't a complaint and definitely not against u! Just a quick vent and giggle at how these things happen to me all the time. And till you find your knight in shining armour, my # is 911! ;0)


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