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Monday, October 17, 2005

Call Me Stephanie

Grease 2 synopsis here, straight from Blanche's website!

I really suck at bowling.

Even when the system screwed up on Saturday night and awarded me with a spare even though I hadn't hit a single pin, I still ended up the big loser of the evening. As usual.

I think I suck so bad because I always half-expect my fellow bowlers to break into a song-and-dance number, just like they did at the Bowlarama in Grease 2. Then I get really disappointed when nobody does. Nobody singing, "We're gonna score-hore-hore tonight!" in an encouraging fashion. No one. That distracts me. Makes my aim bad. That's the story I'm sticking with, anyway.

Now I KNOW Grease 2 may possibly be one of the cheesiest, worstest movies to emerge from the bowels of the '80s, but in my 7-year-old heart of hearts, it ROCKS, ok?

One fateful afternoon in 1982: I caught the Rydell High gang Rock-a-Hula-Luau-ing at a neighbour's house (obviously a huge treat, since hardly anyone owned a VCR back then), and thus began my geeky Grease 2 obsession.

I don't even mind admitting I can quote most anything from the movie and I know every last cheese-tastic song by heart.

I'll admit when I saw the Grease/ Grease 2 DVD Box Set at HMV in London, I screeched gleefully and snatched at it, then felt hugely insulted that it was going at the baragin bottom price of £9.90 £7.97.

I'll even admit I begged my mom almost everyday to change my name to Stephanie (after the Pink Lady character played by Michelle Pfeiffer). When that didn't work, I tried to convince her we needed to become Catholic (when you're 7, you think only Catholics can have 2 names), so I could have "Stephanie" added as my second name. My last name, would be Carrington, of course, once I grew up and married Michael (Mr Cool Rider himself, played by Maxwell Caulfield) - I didn't mind sharing him with Michelle. And I also don't mind sharing with you that he was probably my first celebrity crush...

not even 7-year-olds can resist a man in leather pants!

...Not even seeing him in goggles and slashed-to-the-navel silver lame, perched astride a spinning motorcycle, amidst a smog of dry ice, could stop my girlish affections...

...it all changed died when I watched Empire Records and witnessed my Michael Carrington incarnated as the washed up rockstar Rex Manning...
Which Empire Records Character Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

I guess there IS a limit to how much cheese a girl can handle, after all. No more leather pants for me. No more bowling for a long time too.

But you can still call me Stephanie.

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