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Friday, September 30, 2005

Mixed Up

Just when you think you almost got the jet lag beat, you really haven't.
What time is it now? Ah yes, 8.37am. I haven't gone to bed yet, which means I've been awake so far for 20 hours.
Maybe it was the 2 teas I had at 2am. Maybe I'm too wired from thinking about what's at hand.

Do I join XXXX, a competitor of my previous co.? Even if it's just a part-time thing, I feel weirdly guilty, like I'm a traitor - burn the betraying b****h at the stake! - or something. But that's completely irrational, since I left like more than a year ago. Do I even want this? I want the $$$ which takes me one step closer to leaving this country next year, that's for sure.

Then there's the next gig of the month... which involves a lot of moozik research. Jazz research! Have spent the last 5 hours digging through years of CEEDEEs & *jangjangjang* KAIR-SETS!!! Whoo hoo, yes, good old, mouldy cassette tapes!

Got very distracted by the discovery of a mint collection of my own mix Cassette Tapes! Remember when you thought you were the bee's knees if you had a hi-fi set with the double-tape deck, one side for playing, the other side for dubbing? And if you were REALLY cool, then your hi-fi would have the special hi-speed button, so you could make your mix tapes at twice the usual speed?

Then after that, you would use many colourful pens to design and decorate the sleeve (these were the days before computers, photoshop and printers)? Also, if you were feeling really generous, sometimes you would spend hours making mix tapes for friends AND if a guy gave you a mix tape, WHOA, meant he spent a lot of time on it, meant he LIKES you, so you'd like, play the tape over and over until one day the player eats your tape and all you have left is a ball of thin, mangled brown plastic strips after you tried to snatch the cassette from the jaws of audio-munching machinery?

Haha. I had fun hi-speeding my way back in time. Good way as any to pass the hours if you're jet lagged.

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At 9:40 am, Blogger JellyGirl said...

I remember my first ever cassette tape. It was some dodgy Beatles compilation bought from Phuket! :) Ah those crazy cassette days.

PS love the mix tape with all the different coloured highlighters, so arty...hee.

At 4:57 am, Blogger Deetourguide said...

JG: WRT my hand-decorated mix tape, thank you! Back in the day, as a treat, my dad used to drive us up to fort canning to buy those pirated Billboard Hot 100 mix tapes from the nice Indian uncle whose shop consisted of a tall board and tapes elastic'd to it! I still have some of those tapes! My taste in music was a bit dodgy then, tho'. But then, I WAS 8!


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