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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Kveðja , Ég er að fara burt til Ísland og London!

Behold, a fluffy Icelandic Pony Horse! Neigh...

Call it prep for my next trip, but wheee! I've finally got BBC Prime on cable (plus a whole host of channels including Animax and Turner Classics, thanks to the cable upgrade)! Antonio Carluccio is fab - he makes Italian food look gorgeous. Last visit to London, I kept dragging Ms. L to his restaurant for soup - chicken or wild mushroom, out-of-this-world!

Next on, Changing Rooms, a home-makeover show I was psychotically hooked on back in the day. Ahh... the anticipation of returning to England. Now that I'm finally packed, I can relax. Tell me why does it take a girl 6 hours to pack for 2 weeks?! I hope the boxes of mooncakes for S. & L. don't explode in my suitcase...

OK, I'm officially excited! Putrid Shark Meat, Phallic Museum, All-Night Partying, Reykjavik here I come!
Only gripe is, the currency rate is comparable to the UK and my large amount of S$$$ has sadly shrivelled by 3.15 times!!! I am very poor now. Have been advised to skip meals and not shop. That's so not gonna happen, lor.
Actually, I have one more gripe. This always happens to me - I finally decided to try and book this trip early and thought I made a pretty OK deal on my Royal Brunei tickets. Then !@#$%^&* Malaysian Airlines comes back with their legendary $630 Return airtickets to Europe. Bah. I could've saved close to $200 had I waited. Now I'm stuck with my expensiver tickets and a 4 hour transit in Brunei. Double Bah.

But nothing really can put a damper on the anticipation of a ten-year-old dream about to be fulfilled.
See for yourself why I love Iceland so much.

See Y'all in 2 weeks! Waheeeyyyyyyyy....

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