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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Chew on This!

Full Icelandic Adventures of Deetourguide pending, I thought I'd share one of the most memorable bits of the trip - Tasting & Purchasing the Dreaded Hákarl!

Hallo! Would you like to buy some deliciously rotten shark meat? Great with Brennivín, our national Schnapps!

Aiyeeeeee... ammonia!

In a nutshell, it's putrid shark meat and according to weird-foods.com: Traditional Icelandic food is not as bad as it sounds - in fact several dishes are actually edible. The one glaring exception is hákarl, putrefied shark meat that has been buried for up to six months to ensure sufficient decomposition.

So bad, it's good, I'll take some. Ring it up, Mister Fishmonger!

Contrary to popular Hakarl-eating mythology, it was not the heart-stopping, vomit-inducing experience I'd psyched myself up for. It actually turned out to be a tasty treat, especially if the searing aroma of ammonia doesn't bother you all that much. It was tasty, chewy, salty, kinda like abalone. Ms L, my travelling companion had other things to say about it though. Most of which is untypeable. She likened it to chewing gum in a men's public loo that hasn't been cleaned since the turn of the century. But what does she know?! Haha.

See here and here for more on this Iceland delicacy whose reputation far acceeds its reality.

Oh, and this & this are someone else's fun encounters with Icelandic foods - great pictures too.

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