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Friday, September 30, 2005

Mixed Up

Just when you think you almost got the jet lag beat, you really haven't.
What time is it now? Ah yes, 8.37am. I haven't gone to bed yet, which means I've been awake so far for 20 hours.
Maybe it was the 2 teas I had at 2am. Maybe I'm too wired from thinking about what's at hand.

Do I join XXXX, a competitor of my previous co.? Even if it's just a part-time thing, I feel weirdly guilty, like I'm a traitor - burn the betraying b****h at the stake! - or something. But that's completely irrational, since I left like more than a year ago. Do I even want this? I want the $$$ which takes me one step closer to leaving this country next year, that's for sure.

Then there's the next gig of the month... which involves a lot of moozik research. Jazz research! Have spent the last 5 hours digging through years of CEEDEEs & *jangjangjang* KAIR-SETS!!! Whoo hoo, yes, good old, mouldy cassette tapes!

Got very distracted by the discovery of a mint collection of my own mix Cassette Tapes! Remember when you thought you were the bee's knees if you had a hi-fi set with the double-tape deck, one side for playing, the other side for dubbing? And if you were REALLY cool, then your hi-fi would have the special hi-speed button, so you could make your mix tapes at twice the usual speed?

Then after that, you would use many colourful pens to design and decorate the sleeve (these were the days before computers, photoshop and printers)? Also, if you were feeling really generous, sometimes you would spend hours making mix tapes for friends AND if a guy gave you a mix tape, WHOA, meant he spent a lot of time on it, meant he LIKES you, so you'd like, play the tape over and over until one day the player eats your tape and all you have left is a ball of thin, mangled brown plastic strips after you tried to snatch the cassette from the jaws of audio-munching machinery?

Haha. I had fun hi-speeding my way back in time. Good way as any to pass the hours if you're jet lagged.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Chew on This!

Full Icelandic Adventures of Deetourguide pending, I thought I'd share one of the most memorable bits of the trip - Tasting & Purchasing the Dreaded Hákarl!

Hallo! Would you like to buy some deliciously rotten shark meat? Great with Brennivín, our national Schnapps!

Aiyeeeeee... ammonia!

In a nutshell, it's putrid shark meat and according to weird-foods.com: Traditional Icelandic food is not as bad as it sounds - in fact several dishes are actually edible. The one glaring exception is hákarl, putrefied shark meat that has been buried for up to six months to ensure sufficient decomposition.

So bad, it's good, I'll take some. Ring it up, Mister Fishmonger!

Contrary to popular Hakarl-eating mythology, it was not the heart-stopping, vomit-inducing experience I'd psyched myself up for. It actually turned out to be a tasty treat, especially if the searing aroma of ammonia doesn't bother you all that much. It was tasty, chewy, salty, kinda like abalone. Ms L, my travelling companion had other things to say about it though. Most of which is untypeable. She likened it to chewing gum in a men's public loo that hasn't been cleaned since the turn of the century. But what does she know?! Haha.

See here and here for more on this Iceland delicacy whose reputation far acceeds its reality.

Oh, and this & this are someone else's fun encounters with Icelandic foods - great pictures too.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Love, Mom

Many Happy Returns... 27 September 1945

I love this picture of the mother unit when she was young and in love. On the back of it in her loopy, architectural handwriting, it says, "To My Darling PY. With all my Love, Pom".

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Monday, September 26, 2005

Coming Home

Has it really been 21 days since I last wrote? The time I spent away seems so much shorter than the sum and total of those days. Leaving this place was exactly what I needed and returning has been as if I never left. Or maybe it's just the jet-lag talking. So instead of me talking, I'll let what I've read speak for itself.

"They were all things she would not give away... she watched others tell their drunken bar stories, prostituting their families and their traumas for popularity and booze."
Alice Sebold, The Lovely Bones.

Don't we all?

Happy Be-earlied Birthday, Mom!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Kveðja , Ég er að fara burt til Ísland og London!

Behold, a fluffy Icelandic Pony Horse! Neigh...

Call it prep for my next trip, but wheee! I've finally got BBC Prime on cable (plus a whole host of channels including Animax and Turner Classics, thanks to the cable upgrade)! Antonio Carluccio is fab - he makes Italian food look gorgeous. Last visit to London, I kept dragging Ms. L to his restaurant for soup - chicken or wild mushroom, out-of-this-world!

Next on, Changing Rooms, a home-makeover show I was psychotically hooked on back in the day. Ahh... the anticipation of returning to England. Now that I'm finally packed, I can relax. Tell me why does it take a girl 6 hours to pack for 2 weeks?! I hope the boxes of mooncakes for S. & L. don't explode in my suitcase...

OK, I'm officially excited! Putrid Shark Meat, Phallic Museum, All-Night Partying, Reykjavik here I come!
Only gripe is, the currency rate is comparable to the UK and my large amount of S$$$ has sadly shrivelled by 3.15 times!!! I am very poor now. Have been advised to skip meals and not shop. That's so not gonna happen, lor.
Actually, I have one more gripe. This always happens to me - I finally decided to try and book this trip early and thought I made a pretty OK deal on my Royal Brunei tickets. Then !@#$%^&* Malaysian Airlines comes back with their legendary $630 Return airtickets to Europe. Bah. I could've saved close to $200 had I waited. Now I'm stuck with my expensiver tickets and a 4 hour transit in Brunei. Double Bah.

But nothing really can put a damper on the anticipation of a ten-year-old dream about to be fulfilled.
See for yourself why I love Iceland so much.

See Y'all in 2 weeks! Waheeeyyyyyyyy....

Friday, September 02, 2005

Poll Dancing with Deetour #3 (Miss Tan in Bintan)

Leaving for the poor-man's Bali in less than 7 hours and I haven't packed a darned thing yet. But am muchly looking forward to doing nothing but drinking and burning myself under the sun for the entire weekend. Ooh, and those gorgeous Nirwana resort massages - yes, please!
Sooo in honour of said imminent trip, please feel free to poll dance for moi:

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Amazing Psychic Underwear

scoff if you must, but there is cunning, crafty, cluedoriffic method to these chicken scratchings

Slowly, I'm clawing my way out of the black hole I seem to have fallen into, so with a skip in my step and a song in my, er, vocal chords, I look ahead with great anticipation to a September filled with:

  • Cluedo
  • Cooking. And boasting about it. Here
  • Burning my own mix CDs
  • Bintan, BBQs & Beach-bumming
  • Shiny Metallic belts
  • Finding the perfect lipgloss (MAC's Dewy Jube Lipgelee comes pretty close)
  • South America (Yo quiero ir el de vacaciones a Suramérica!)
  • Everything Icelandic - 6 days to go! (Halló! Hvað heitir þú?)
  • Simplifying & Spring-cleaning - detoxing by throwing stuff away. Cleansing away the old, making room for the new. Underwear drawer? Check. Jeans Cupboard? Check. 2 down, a gadzillion more to go...

    Prepare to scale Mount Jeans...

    Yes, I have tacky, fruity undies... but some are special... Could it be that more travel is in the cards undies?

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