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Friday, August 12, 2005

They're the Dim Sum Dollies with Their Trollies...

If you haven't seen them yet, go.

The delicious dollies have extended their show till the end of next week, so no more "sold-out" excuses!

Granted, those spoiled by their fab show last year may say this year's is not as good, the operative word still applies - it's good. I saw it on Wednesday and can testify to quality - despite a shaky start and sound problems.

Maybe I'm biased - maybe I am a drag-queen wannabe - but with miles of lights, shiny disco balls, mountains of glitter, rows of fake eye-lashes, feathers, sequins and half-naked men, what's not to love? Everyone has a little cabaret, a litle showgirl in them!

From poking fun at the NKF fiasco to fat paradodies to food court aunties to the IOC like you've never seen it before, Emma, Pam and Selena are really quite scarily talented. Same goes for Hossan, their fabulous, funny foil.

Go, lah, support-support, Singapore's sizzling ser-lair-brrr-tees, lah!

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