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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Shooting from the Hip

Bits and Pieces of the Weekend

Tickley Earwigs*
Whilst watching Bring it On 2 on cable:
(In your best bitchy Valley Girl accent) So it's time for you to make like Tom, and Cruise.

Says 3-year-old Niece cheekily to Grand Auntie, hours after a nasty supermarket trolley collision that cut her near the eye:
I am good girl. I have blood.

Standing on the beach:
T: I can't frolic in the water unless I have company!
Me: What do you call me?!
T: You? You private limited, lah.

*The Oxford English Dictionary states unequivocally that the name is derived from Old English words for ear and wiggle "from the notion that it penetrates into the head through the ear".

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