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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

My Big Fat FAT Post

So after an enormous dinner at Chat Masala, I am home stuffed to the gills and feeling THAT way again. I feel the rolls round my middle, the hanging slabs from my arms and sigh... Which reminds me of that episode of Discovery Health's Skin Deep, which I keep catching on cable.

Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, conducts a social and psychological experiment by donning a fat suit.

I'm not saying anything more. She's said enough:

"It was like wearing a claustrophobic iron overcoat... I felt I couldn't do anything that was spontaneous. I couldn't imagine carrying that amount of weight around. What would you do with all that flesh, I wondered... What was its value? It seemed as if all the extra weight was a useless burden, not there for any real purpose, a hindrance that slowed me down at every step..."

"That's the fascism of our culture. Fat woman equals lazy, stupid, slow, unhealthy woman... Even more fascinating, the women themselves seemed to want men with big pecs, tight stomachs and body definition. They weren't at all interested in fat men. Yet its perfectly acceptable to be a big, fat man. It denotes wealth and importance."

It's so useless. On one hand, I love all this luscious flesh, but when does it become too much? "

"The first episode... was the toughest. I spent dozens of hours over four days being made up with latex facial prostheses and shoved into a hot and heavy "fat-suit"... Everywhere, my new body was in my way; it was a foreign, uncomfortable physical feeling, but the most difficult challenge was not physical -- it was social and emotional."

One fellow overweight woman explained that many obese people dont eat in public because of the stares. "If youre skinny and eat a 12-course meal, youre merely seen as hungry," she explained. "If you're fat and eat a celery stick, you're perceived to be greedy." I learned how brave these people are, how hard it is to live even four days -- let alone a lifetime -- as a person the general society sees as lazy, unhealthy, and worthless. They aren't the ones with the problem; it's a society with perverted aesthetics.

"To me, fatness and unhappiness seem inevitably intertwined."

Does a big woman ever accept herself as big, Roddick asks. This elicits eye-watering honesty. "Yes," admits one of her interviewees, "there are days when I feel like a moose."

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