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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Yesterday, Meet Today


Home of my Alma Mater, home of Elland Road and now home of terrorists?
What the @#$%^&*?!

In Hyde Park, a poor, racially and ethnically diverse neighborhood not far from Leeds University, police cordoned off rows of rundown, two-storey homes and streets filled with local shops and liquor stores.
"This is the only area in Leeds where blacks, Asians and Sikhs get along. Now, because of what happened even friends are looking at me as if I am a terrorist," said Amjad Hussein, 19, standing with friends on one of the streets that was cordoned off.
About 40 residents evacuated from their homes had to spend the night at a local community center when it became clear that the search of the a row house that had been raided by police would last through the night. - CNN

The Hyde Park Area that I remember was your typical studenty, divey area known for its many break-ins and muggings. But having your door kicked in and your TV set carted away seems trite now, an "Oh-yeah-well-nothing-beats-the-time-when-I" tale to regale friends with.

The sweet nostalgia I have for the place I called home for 3 years collides clumsily, chillingly with this new "update-on-bomb-attacks" Leeds.

Today I ache for my adopted city. I know the place I knew is gone forever. It has taken on new meaning.

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