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Friday, July 29, 2005

Shoe Meme Me Shoeshoe Re Fafa La Toetoe


When you know the shoe to wear...

Again, the always glam, always fabulously be-shoed JellyGirl has batoned me on a subject ever so close to my heart (& soles, of course). So presenting Deetourguide's Footwear Friday:

fave shoes
Total number of shoes you own:
This is gonna take a while... I'm still counting... check back later.
shoe closet
OK! Here's the breakdown:
  • 25 pairs of flip flops & flat sandals.
  • 100 pairs of platforms, wedges, high-heeled pumps/ sandals and assorted pretty shoes (give or take a few more buried in garbage bags at the bottom of my closet).
  • 7 pairs of psuedo-sporty shoes & cross trainers.

  • The last shoe you bought:
    2 pairs at same time from Two Dogs in MBK, Bangkok. Photos pending... check back later also.
    bkk shoes 1bkk shoes 2
    R: Tacky-fun kuniang Cinderella shoes. L: Funky crinkly PVC & suede pumps with tarnished buckles and embroidered toes.

    How many shoes do you have under your work desk:
    I'm a freelancer. I don't have a work desk. But when I did, I had a pair of fluffy blue bedroom slippers stashed under it. They were a very thoughtful gift from an ex-colleague, the lovely Mr. J who has since left the country to spread more thoughtfulness around, as a hair stylist in Melbourne. Bless him.

    5 people I'm passing the baton to:
    5? 5?? 5??!! I don't have that many blogging friends!
    Toothless Monster - you're the only one I know with a blog and an impressive footwear stockpile!

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    At 10:00 am, Blogger JellyGirl said...

    Hehehe...love them all!

    At 3:14 am, Blogger Lizy said...

    Wow!you have real wonderful collections of shoes..i like all your collection..do u get all branded shoes.Good post and cool pics.


    humps in my highway

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