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Thursday, July 21, 2005


On the set, we talked about celebrities who blogged and other bloggers who need to enlarge their own mean little existences by ripping apart other people's blogs.

It got tense.

I didn't know what else to say.

And an awkward silence pervaded the freezing room.

Then she let slip this little nugget:

There was this other time we were all talking about blogs and this other jiang-hua-yu-only actress came walking by and asked us what we were discussing. "Blogs," we replied, then couldn't resist giggling, " Bet you dunno what is blog!". JHYO actress very offendedly replied, "Of course I know! Blogband, lor!"

Gotta love our birthright to bad english. Singlish makes me proud.

Another eave I happened to drop, this time from 2 dudes bonding over NS:

Dude 1: "Ohrrrr... so you now no need go for reservist. But last time what was your mother unit?"
Dude 2: ".... 1 SIR... Ey, just now sound like you scold me leh."
Dude 1: "Where got?
Dude 2: "Your maah-der unit!"

So now I have a new swear phrase to test out in stressful times.

Eat that last cookie I was saving, will you? YOUR MAAH-DER UNIT!
Tape over my latest episode of CSI, will you? YOUR MAAH-DER UNIT!
Cut into my lane without signalling, will you? YOUR MAAH-DER UNIT!

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At 12:55 am, Anonymous Andy Lau said...

Great blog. Very entertaining. Don't take this comment the wrong way but, here goes:

I don't understand the humour behind this post.

Are we laughing at the celebrity becos she doesn't know the meaning of "blog"?

Or are we laughing to show that we are superior to her becos we know what "blog" is. In which case, how does that make us superior?

ie. does knowing the meaning of blog make us superior?

ie. Does knowing English make us superior to those who don't know English?


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