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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

4 Random Things that Make You Smile

the last thing i saw before i woke up

#1 This one not just makes me smile, it makes me cringe, fret and smile again. Last night, I became an accidental victim of too much alcohol and drugs. It started out innocently enough. Drinks at Ice Cold, then straight home. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but in retrospect... I took a sleeping pill so that I could readjust my body clock and get to bed at a decent hour. Of course, Miss Smartypants then decides to invite Mr P. over to finish off birthday bottles, since he was nearby. I wasn't going to imbibe, just watch. I remember letting him in. I remember sitting in the kitchen with him and the drinks. Then nothing. I wake up this morning at 9 (at least one thing went according to plan - body clock back in order!) feeling like an entire treeful of durians had landed on my head, wondering how on earth I got into bed when the last thing I remember is talking to P. Lost time: 8 hours.

#2 Yesterday I was in bed typing as usual when I got a call from my mom. After talking for a bit, I noticed she was someplace echoey, so I asked her where she was. Giggling, the mother unit replied, "In the toilet!" Yes, mommy dearest had rung me in my bedroom from her loo 2 doors & 20 feet away. Is this a sign of the times? Will the way I communicate with my mom change forever? As is I don't see enough of her. Now instead of talking to me face to face, she's calling me whilst we're under the same roof? If this thought wasn't so disturbing, I'd smile even wider. But bless her, she's still getting a thrill from technology.

#3 On Monday, yummy mummy Mrs S. gifted me with delectable little trinkets from Taiwan. Please meet the divine ANNA earrings:
Thank you thank you kind lady - now pls start your blog so I can meme you!

#4 Today was the final lesson of Level 1 Spanish. Verb conjugation is fun! Random Enrique Iglesias factoids: His last name means "churches" en Espanol. His song Bailamos means "we dance" 1st person plural conjugated from the verb "to dance/ bailar". And that, seems to be the sum of all I've learnt in the 10 weeks of lessons.
Oh, I lie. I also have picked up some rib-tickling new corny jokes (thanks to G.)...
  • What do you call a Spanish guy who's misplaced his vehicle?
  • What do you call a Spanish guy who only drives stick shift?

  • Vale. Muchas Gracias. Buenas noches.

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