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Friday, June 10, 2005

Push My Buttons ● ● ●

Tom Makes Pictures

While perving at the very talented Penelope's gorgeous illustrations, I came across this, which she in turn got from Colin:

def: assorted items that you are crazy for and will stop whatever you're doing to attend to them.

Some of my Idiot Buttons:

  • Any TV show about home improvement, decoration, makeovers or cooking
  • Bookstores & Shoe stores
  • Mortini Happy Hour - Classic Vodka with stuffed olives, Appletinis, Chocolate Martinis and Cosmos... lush!
  • O & Jane magazines
  • Starbucks (even if I don't buy anything, I have to stop for a sniff and
    a gander) - interesting opposing perspective here
  • Stripes on anything in rainbow colours

Et tu?

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