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Monday, June 06, 2005

I Win, Lor!

What a big gambler, risk-taker I am!
We have an argument that goes like this...

He (singing): Oh Lord have mercy mercy mercy...
Me: Diana King? Eew, Never been a fan. But Shy Guy was her first single , right?
He (triumphantly): Nope! Her first was I Know (proceeds to sing it).
Me: Wait, wait , wait a minute! I KNOW I Know is NOT by Diana King!
He: Is too.
Me: Is not.
Other he: Isn't it by Meshell Ndegeocello?
Me: Eh, ya, could be.
He: NO!!! It's by Diana King!
Me: IS NOT!!!
He: Wanna bet?
Me (waving my last $2): Yes!
He: Make it $50.
Me: Er, no. $2 is fine.
{Much shaking of hands and vows of googling ensues}

Show me the money!

He: Heh heh.
Me (suddenly): Hey, wait, I remember now. I Know is not by Diana King cos' it's by some woman called Dionne something...
{Silent pause}
He: Oh yeah. Ok, ok, you're right. I Know is by Dionne Farris. I remember now.
{I do naff victory dance in front of stunned Wala customers}
He (handing over the moola): But anyway, isn't it such a great song?
Me: YES YES YES (even greater now for obvious reasons)!

So sometimes it pays to be an obnoxious, irritatingly gloaty music know-it-all. But drat, I should've gone with the $50.

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At 8:14 pm, Blogger Amber Stories said...

It's hard to find someone with a blog, sense of humor AND the ability to bet 2$ today... Actually, it's hard to find someone with sense of humor :P Congratulations for the win !


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