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Thursday, May 12, 2005


Week 1, Lesson 1 - Spanish via Colombia

cul·pa f.
1. - blame, guilt 2. (falta) - fault
por culpa de - through the fault of
echar la culpa a uno - to blame someone
tener la culpa - to be to blame, be guilty

Our concept of reality is so personal, so transient, so fragile. What you see is really sometimes not what you get.
Today I must have said this a million times: Your feelings are not a true reflection of reality.
Faith over feelings, my friend.
As the world around me slowly loses its grip, I feel numb, frustrated, so detached.
I don't know which is better. Letting it all hang out, emoting till everyone wants to slap me silly, or who I am now - emotions tightly reined, stoically reticent, dealing in solitude.
I am so tired.
So tired of feeling vicariously through people.
Tired of feeling guilty because I can't empathize and even if I could, would I want to?
This feeling of detachment seems to be the recurring theme of my life.
Maybe my life's too mundane, maybe I'M too mundane. Maybe I just want someone to take care of me for a change.


...I need to drink more than you seem to think before I'm anyone's...
A Question of Lust - Depeche Mode

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At 3:41 am, Anonymous mol said...

We are all rowing the boat of fate
The waves keep on coming and we can't escape
But if we ever get lost on our way
The waves will guide you through another day

Life is Like a Boat - Rie Fu

At 1:09 pm, Blogger JellyGirl said...

heehee I know that song! It's the end theme to the anime Bleach.


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