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Friday, January 28, 2005

Waitress is a Four-letter Word

I'm at my fave magazine haunt when ladyboss comes over to chat.

LB: So now you quit your job, what you up to?

Me: Oh I'm part-timing at Peach Blossom now.

(Stunned silence)

LB: Oh wow, ya I know, I like it there.

Me: You've been before?

LB: The food there's great.

Me: Hah?

LB: You mean the one at that hotel right?

Me: No, I work at a media company called Peach Blossom.

LB: (Nervous giggles) I'm so sorry, I thought you were serving food!

The absurdity of the situation. As is, being semi-unemployed is not great for my self-esteem. It's not that I'm too good to be a waitress. Dammit. I think it sounds like I do. I guess if I was a waitress, I'd say I was a waitress. Her apologies made me feel like I should be embarrassed to be a waitress.

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