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"I write to find out what I think." - Joan Didion

Friday, January 21, 2005

Verbal Vomit

1) Inadequacy is a feeling that has become too constant. I hate that.

2) Too many blogs are available for my greedy eyes. More than they can take in.

3) My natural talent is that I am naturally jealous of talent that is not mine.

4) All this is tied to the fact that I read too many blogs and there's a heck of a lot of pretentious verbal vomit hurling across the information highway we call the internet.

5) Who are we all trying to impress? Even writing has become a performance, it cannot capture absolute truth, why do we try?

6) And yet as I navigate, trying not to step in someone else's puddle of sick, I fall into a whole vat of it - my own sick. And I'm sick of it!

7) Because I cannot come close to the rare examples of beauty and eloquence of expression I find on ocassion.

8) So what? So what? SO WHAT? I am unrefined, uncouth and uninspired. SO WHAT?

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