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Saturday, January 22, 2005


I have 2 very cool friends who are engaged. They don't know when they're getting married, how they're getting married and aren't gonna set a date yet. Not because they're lazy, or all "this-is-the-21st-century-we-don't-need-a-piece-of-paper" nonchalant. They follow a higher purpose, they heed a higher call. In this I have utmost respect. In this I find inspiration.


But as the numbers fly off my calendar - 24 more days to go - I'm thankful my dad was born then. Because I've never had to worry about red roses, chocolate, candlelit dinners and other such cliches. Because I don't have to wait till Valentines' to feel lonely - hah. Because anyone can still feel lonely even when they have someone.
I talk of cliches, but that's one of the big ones - Feeling lonely even when we're not alone.
But cliches exist because of collective experience - we really are not alone. Pain is not a unique undertaking. Human existence can be such a cliche.
So here's another one - I'm recording it for posterity, aren't I?

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